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Philadelphia Flyers Danny Briere Possible Suspension

Philadelphia Flyers forward Danny Briere will participate in a conference call hearing with NHL disciplinarians this morning after an altercation over the weekend.

The Flyers on Saturday played host to the New York Islanders. As any good host knows, a 6 – 1 landslide victory for the Flyers usually leaves your guests a little grumpy. The two teams combined for 120 penalty minutes; some normal, some fighting, and some were a few game misconducts.

With 1 minute left to play on the clock, a face-off in the Islanders zone, Danny Briere cross checked Islander’s center Frans Nielson after the puck drop. Sure these things happen, however the cross check was to the head. Below is the video.

The NHL will review the play and have a nice little chat with Briere this morning. Expect a fine for sure, and possibly a 3 game suspension. Briere may have helped last week in the penalty column for fantasy teams, this week though he’ll most likely be out of action.


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