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Hot in the Desert

Goaltender Jason LaBarbera #1 of the Phoenix Coyotes is named the first star of the game after defeating the Vancouver Canucks for their team record setting 10th home game win in a row.

In the off-season, most fans would not even put the Phoenix Coyotes as a contender this year, let alone a winning team. To much of the nay sayers dislike, the Coyote’s are red hot.

The Coyote’s are 7-2-1 in their last 10, overall an impressive 25-13-3. They currently rank 4th in the Western Conference, only 2 points behind league leading New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks at 55 points each. Yet for some reason, fans and the press still ignore their talent.

The Coyotes are playing impressive hockey. The team is playing hard, every night, fighting in the corners and creating plays. To this, it is of no surprise the Coyotes set a franchise record 10 home game wins.

Phoenix will most likely fade in the background again for some time, avoid the spotlight of the media. Not much love for the desert dogs. Oh well, I encourage you to watch some of their games. This year the Coyotes are on track to not only make playoffs, but to be a cup contender.


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