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James Wisniewski high elbow on Shane Doan

James Wisniewski of the Anaheim Ducks threw a high elbow to Captain Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes. The elbow left Doan staggered on the ice, and bleeding from his left cheek. At first glance it seems to be just an awkward hit, but after video replay, you can see the extending of Wisniewski’s forearm/elbow.

Coyote Keith Yandle tangled with Wisnieweski in defense of his captain after the high hit. The game stayed ugly as big boys George Parros of Anaheim fought Coyote’s Paul Bissonnette.

The situation was laid to rest early in the second as Doan and Wisniewski dropped the gloves. The two exchanged a few blows before Doan gained position, only to have Wisniewski fall to the ice. Doan continued the fight and threw a big shot while Wisniewski was on his back.

The hit was high, a lunge to the head with an extended forearm/elbow. Wisniewski should get a suspension for the hit and hopefully will be addressed today. Despite the policing within the game with fighting, hits such as this are dangerous and could severely injure a player.

When the buzzer sounded, the Coyote’s took a shootout win over the Ducks in a score of 3-2. The Coyotes are now 9-4-0 and are in 4th place within the Western Conference. On the other end, the Anaheim Ducks fall to 4-6-2, leaving them second to last in 14th place within the Western Conference.

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